Do you have a question about your backyard birds? Wondering which migrating birds you might be able to attract? Have a squirrely issue?
Come chat with Bryan about it! This is your opportunity to ask Bryan, one of our Certified Bird Feeding Specialists, who is also a volunteer bird rehabber and well-known local birding expert.
We’ll serve Birds & Beans Coffee & everyone can enter for a chance to win a Door Prize!

Are you ready to some holiday spirit? We have it! Please join us for festive fun and a chance to win a free Tidy Cylinder Feeder already filled with a WinterSuperBlend Cylinder!

Hey, Warblers! Time to get into the holiday spirit. Let's learn how birds celebrate the holidays. Just kidding. We will learn how birds survive cold weather and long, dark nights and what we can do to help them. We will also paint our own bird ornaments to take home!


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Bald Birds?

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Caching In!

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